Meet the new addition to the SSF team: Nick Evans

576508_387488107990870_1044981392_nHello, my name is Nick Evans, I am twenty two years old and am the new fundraising co-ordinator for the Steve Sinnott Foundation. I graduated from Cardiff University in July with a BA in linguistics and have helped run the RNLI’s summer face to face fundraising campaigns in Wales for the past two years.

The RNLI’s summer campaigns have been incredibly successful and are currently undergoing expansion as I leave the charity. I personally raised over £30,000 for the charity over my two summers with them. I am delighted to be bringing the skills I have acquired from such as well-established and reputable charity to the blossoming Steve Sinnott Foundation.

When I initially researched the foundation, I was particularly impressed by its pedagogical workshops with teachers from Sierra Leone, exemplifying the foundation’s ethos of creating self-sustaining educational structures in developing countries, rather than simply giving ephemeral aid.

I personally understand the significance of not simply education but quality education as I would not find myself in my current position without the quality state schooling I received here in the United Kingdom. The thought that there are currently 57 million children worldwide who are deprived  of that same education only spurs me, as I hope it does you, to push for global reform and dedicate all necessary resources to see Millennium Development Goal 2 achieved.

I personally believe that the reason MDG2 is possible and tangible is because we are not alone. We stand alongside Education International, the NUT  and the Global Campaign for Education and its’ coalition members, all of whom are campaigning and pushing tirelessly for global reform.

I will be taking responsibility for the Foundation’s social media so you can expect to see a lot more activity on our Facebook page and Twitter feed; don’t forget to add @SSFoundation! This blog will also be updated regularly with information regarding the Foundation, its projects and MDG2 as a whole so if there’s anything you’d like to see written about, email me at or leave a comment on a post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Together we can achieve MDG2, education for all.


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