MP Richard Harrington hosts afternoon tea for Steve Sinnott Foundation 31/11/13

On Thursday 7th November Richard Harrington MP hosted an afternoon tea in honour of the Steve Sinnott Foundation, celebrating the success of foundation’s first Education for All Day and continued work towards to Universal Primary Education. Baroness Walmsley joined us for a cup of tea and a cake before dashing off to debate the progress that has been made on the Millennium Development Goals covering the improvement of education for girls in developing countries.

The event was also attended by Robert Lindsay, star of shows such as Spy, My Family and Citizen Smith (in which he, ironically, drove a tank directly at Parliament). We are delighted that Robert was able to attend and look forward to his ongoing support for the important work of the foundation.

Richard Harrington MP introduced Steve Sinnott Award Global Campaigners Ramani Chandramohan and Raina Bardhan who presented their research on the current state of global primary education to all who attended the afternoon tea. Raina and Ramani outlined that since MDG 2’s inception, universal primary-level education has risen to 90% from 82% in 1999 which is a fantastic achievement, and everyone who has supported Education for All deserves a pat on the back. But not for long, there is still a great deal of work left to be done as there are still 57 million children deprived of a basic education around the world, a fact that lead to many an agape mouth and dropped french fancy.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation believes that hard working and inspiring young people like Raina, Ramani and the hundreds of other students who took part in Education for All day are the fuel that will really drive global change and reform.

MP Richard Harrington, Raina, Ramani and Robert Lindsay.

MP Richard Harrington, Raina, Ramani and Robert Lindsay.

A number of supporters and project partners joined us including representatives of Macmillan Publishing, Children in Crisis and Usborne Books. We would like to thank them for their continued support and contributing to the success of the afternoon.


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