Early day motion 149 – EDUCATION FOR ALL DAY 2013 – UK Parliament

Early day motions (EDMs) are tabled by MPs to publicise a particular event or cause, and to gather support among MPs for that event or cause. MPs demonstrate their support for an EDM by signing the motion. Each EDM is given a unique number, our is 149!


Below is the outline and link of our Early Day Motion…

That this House welcomes the initiative by the Steve Sinnott Foundation to promote in UK schools an Education for All Day on 21 June 2013 drawing attention, through teaching and learning activities, to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 2 of universal primary education for all by 2015; notes that with only two years to go before 2015, some 60 million children around the world are still out of school; further notes that the Foundation intends that the Education for All Day should become a feature of the school calendar in a growing number of schools in 2014, 2015 and beyond; and encourages school leaders to adopt the initiative with enthusiasm so as to provide pupils and students with greater understanding and awareness of the cause of education for all.

Early day motion 149 – EDUCATION FOR ALL DAY 2013 – UK Parliament.



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